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Why Podcasting Works For Small Businesses

Businesses are creating podcasts as a way to speak directly with their ideal clients and allow the listener to choose when and to whom they listen. Podcasts can be listened to at work, while cleaning house, running on the treadmill, or any time listeners are looking for something exciting and informative. Podcast marketing is not only practical – it’s convenient for both the client and listener!

A podcast is powerful media that gives voice to small businesses. Podcast listeners tend to be intelligent, wealthy, and interested in your industry. Podcasts are also very easy to consume on almost any device: laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Build A Community Of Raving Fans

Podcasting works best when you have consistency and regular content. Podcasts are all about providing long-term value for clients through frequent, consistent, relevant podcast episodes. If you are looking for instant results, podcasting will not work for you.

A great way to create momentum and build a fan base is by introducing your podcast to others via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

However, one of the biggest perks of podcasting is creating your very own privately owned online community of excited, educated, and willing clients. Podcast listeners are your biggest fans. Podcasting communities also provide an ongoing opportunity to market to those very same people over and over again.

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How To Podcast For Busy Small Businesses

Most people don’t know how to start podcasting – especially if they don’t consider themselves “techie.” Having the right team working in the background takes away all the pressure to be something that you are not, we want you to just be you.

Your first step is to decide what you want to talk about on your podcast – this will be the foundation of your show. Podcast topics can be anything interesting to listeners. Industry news, trends, and education – these are great ways to let potential customers know about new things in your field while showing your expertise. 

You might interview experts and ask them to give their opinions on specific trends or developments within the industry. Podcasting is a perfect medium for communicating information like this. Getting feedback from other experts helps drive engagement among current clients. At the same time, it also attracts new clients who want more information before purchasing any product or service.

Out of Sight Online: Your Behind-The-Scenes Team

Out of Sight Online is a full-service podcast marketing agency that provides everything you need to create, launch, and grow your podcast. We specialize in working with busy business owners who don’t have the time or expertise to create their own podcasts. Our team of consists of dedicated individuals that will help you build your brand with custom artwork, logos, website design, social media campaigns, and more.

I am a solopreneur and getting really busy and Brooke has been an absolute dream to work with. She truly takes work right off my shoulders, does it thoroughly and well and lets me know my next steps. She cares. She really is a modern assistant she is proficient with all things tech and online and her research skills are top notch!

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